• Complete Lubrication Monitoring

  • Oil Lubrication Flow Meters

  • SR Block Oval Gears

    Kytola SR Oval Gear Flow Meters measure oil flow rates with 100% reliability. The SR meter is a true positive displacement meter that always shows the correct flow rate on the whole measurement range, regardless of oil temperature and viscosity changes. The SR oval gear meters have a by-pass valve that enables “service on the run” without the need to stop the machine. The SR meter also provides continuous lubrication to the bearing, even if the gears jam.

  • Oval D Measuring Station

    Our Oval D Measuring Station is designed to monitor and display flow rates and flow alarms measured by Kytola™ SR oval gear meters.It can operate as a local measuring station or be connected to Kytola™ KVM Control monitoring software or customer’s PLC/ DCS. This unit is 100% reliable for bearing lubrication; the control station monitors the oil flow accurately under all conditions, including start-up. 24/7/365 alarming for low low, low and high oil flows. Each station supports 16, 32 or 48 measuring points.

  • Oval Min-E Local Display

    Designed to monitor and display flow rates and flow alarms measured by Kytola™ oval gear meters or other flow meters with pulse outputs. The Oval Min-E can operate as a local display, can connect to Kytola KVM Control monitoring software or to customers’ PLC/DCS.

  • Oilan A4 Oil Analyzer

    The Kytola™ OILAN A4 is an online water content in oil analyzer which instantly shows changes in the water content of lubrication oil. The OILAN A4 detects water leaks in their early stages which helps to prevent failures and down time of lubricated machinery and equipment.

  • Oilco - Oil Analyzer

    The Kytola™ OILCO Oil Color Analyzer is an online instrument based on visible light absorbance (transmittance) to indicate the ASTM D1500 color value of oil. The continuous and fast online indication of OILCO allows to quickly react to sudden changes in liquid quality and to perform preventative actions before any failures of the process equipment occur.

  • OCU Flow Controller

    The Kytola™ flow controller model OCU is designed for monitoring and controlling flow rates of individual lubrication points in paper machine circulation lubrication systems. The flow rates are measured with oval gear flow meters. If any deviation between the flow rate and the set point occurs the flow control valve automatically adjusts the flow rate to the set value.

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